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Made to your specifications, for greater flexibility
in your equipment design.

EZKleen FiltersPrecision, high quality custom filters can be flat, domed, or circular and can be produced in various thicknesses to meet your specific requirements for size, shape and performance. Aluminum is the primary material for our filter construction and other materials can be incorporated in order to meet your exact specifications. Specialists are available to consult with you regarding your specific filter needs. Please explore the product links to the left to learn more.

Features & Benefits

Flexibility in Shape and Size
Circular and rectangular as well as other shapes are available and can be formed in a variety of sizes. Filters as long as 80" (2032 mm) and as narrow as 1 3/4" (44.5 mm) can be produced. This can expand your choice of other component parts, facilitate design arrangements or create a more compact unit. In addition to custom-designed filters, a selection of standard sizes is available in 1" (25 mm) and 2" (51 mm) nominal thicknesses for immediate shipment.

Low Resistance
Because of the unique baffle pattern, EZ Kleen filters have a low initial resistance and their ability to depth-load rather than surface-load, a very gradual resistance build-up results, increasing the service life of the filter.

Versatility in Performance
Because of the wide assortment of filter types, shapes and sizes for many air cleaning applications, a wide variety of performance characteristics can be achieved. A pre-filter for an electronic air cleaner, for example, requires excellent lint removing capabilities, a filter for a fan coil unit requires good average arrestance on airborne dust and dirt removal.

High Efficiency Grease Removal
Light weight, strong aluminum grease filters for residential and commercial kitchen exhaust systems are available in a variety of sizes. Grease filters for commercial kitchen applications are available in a mesh type and a baffle type. All commercial EZ Kleen and Kleen-Gard Grease Filters trap up to 98% of grease and foreign matter.

The use of aluminum prevents rust and corrosion yet allows easy washing. Because they can be washed as required, the possibility of a decrease in performance level of equipment is significantly reduced. See the cleaning instructions.

Long Range Economy
The washable feature and aluminum construction of the permanent-type filters provide better performance over long periods of time. In addition, they are competitively priced to save you even more.

EzKleen Air Filter & Kleen-Gard Grease Filters Specifications